Why Elements?

Elements is not a #UselessImageNFT
NFT Elements
The same base character with some costume change.
More than 50 Alien creatures Designed in 3D with dynamic properties.
Properties are predefined by the creator.
Properties can be changed by user actions and exposure
Rarity is predefined by the creator
Dynamic Rarity which is controlled by the community
Supply is constant
Supply decreases over time and thus the demand increases
Cant intract with other NFTs
Can Combine multiple NFTs or Split down to multiple NFTs.


  • The NFT itself is a game of building powerful creatures of Planet Eo.
  • SHELL Coin Airdrop to all NFT holders.
  • First NFT that can combine(), split() and breakdown()
  • First metaverse to live an alien creature life.
  • First NFT with community-managed rarity.
  • 30+ creatures are launching without increasing the supply.
  • Perfectly designed ecosystem which addresses the demand of NFTs
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